Six Pack Shortcuts- Mike Chang’s Six Pack Abs Workout


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Six Pack Shortcuts
Mike Chang’s Six Pack Shortcuts is a fitness and eating plan,  Here is a guy who went from being overweight and out of shape to an internet fitness sensation. Mike’s physique change made a dramatic difference in the way he looks, just look at him, he does have killer six pack abs.

Six pack shortcuts is a 12 week training program broken down into 4 different phases. During these phases you train  5 days a week with 45 minute workout routines,which include  a variety of strength exercises. .

Six pack shortcuts first phase helps you build additional muscle mass and boost your metabolism to create a situation in which your body burns a lot more weight than usual. Once into the program you start working on muscle definition and core muscle power. The workout routines include supersets as well as trisets , so you can do more work in less time and create an intense experience.

What I like about Mike’s Six Pack Shortcuts, he not trying to trick you with some over night magic ab pill, he’s the real deal. He knows that to get a six pack requires a lot of work and you need to get your entire body into shape in order to actually get to such a low body fat percentage.

Secondly, I like the effectiveness of the workouts and the videos are so clear and easy to follow. I’m sure that women will be able to benefit from it but it still seems to be a plan for guys mostly.

Over All Opinion:

Overall, I have no doubt that you can burn body fat and get lean with this program. It takes a lot of hard work but you will see results. I only recommend Mike’s program to someone who is serious about getting in shape, even though the program is called six pack shortcuts the truth of the matter is there is no shortcuts. Again If you’re willing to put in the work, this is the program for you.

Click Here To Visit  Mike Chang’s “Six Pack Shortcuts” Official Website


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